User notes that they can print and email

Hi all. I built a course earlier this year that contains a "notes" function to allow users to take a moment to reflect and type their thoughts on certain questions. This is used in place of a typical multiple response/choice type question. Thought I'd share it here with you!

Here are the files:

Screenr Part 1: Demonstration -

Screenr Part 2: How It Was Built -

Storyline Source:

Published Output:



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Leslie Heimer

Hi Matthew , here is the link to the web published storyline file. I just included the two slides that I think are relevant. Thank you for taking a look!

Excuse the under-developed design, I got stuck on trying to get the pdf lined up and haven't worked on design too much yet!

Leslie Heimer

Hi Matthew, wow, thank you so much for your help and for finding all my typos! As I said, I'm quite a novice at both html and javascript.

I made those corrections and tried uploading to the server again, but I still can't get the print button to work. I'm not sure if the issue is in the pdf side of things or in the javascript I put in the trigger for the button.

I have been including the whole notes file in the web object and updating that every time I make a change to the html code. I'm beginning to think this may be on the javascript side, which is a bit beyond me!

Research Impact Canada

Thank you so much, Stephanie! This is truly phenomenal. I really love what you've shared! Thanks so much!

I am a novice at Javascript. I was able to customize parts of it. However, when I entered the code in for the email and print function, I wasn't able to get the windows to even open. I think I may have customized it wrong?

I also thought maybe I should try opening it in different browsers. After publishing the project, I tried to use the email and print icon functions in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer but I was unsuccessful.

Please see attached for more information.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance! :)

Stacie White

Hi. I have been reading this whole thread and adjusting the javascript to print notes to a pdf. This is what I have based on everything I have read:

var player=GetPlayer();
var useremail=player.GetVar("email");
var subject="Living Appfire Values";
var exercisenotes1=player.GetVar("Values1Notes");
var exercisenotes2=player.GetVar("Value2Notes");
var exercisenotes3=player.GetVar("Value3Notes");
var exercisenotes4=player.GetVar("Values4Notes");
var exercisenotes5=player.GetVar("Value5Notes");
var exercisenotes6=player.GetVar("Value6Notes");
var exercisenotes7=player.GetVar("Value7Notes");
var mailto_link='mailto:'+useremail+'?subject='+subject+'&body=
'+"Notes - What Be Human looks like to me:%0d%0A“
Notes - What Make it, and Make it Matter looks like to me:%0d%0A“
Notes - What Light the Way looks like to me:%0d%0A“
+exercisenotes3+"%0d%0A%0d%0AGeneral Notes:%0d%0A"
Notes - What Getting it Right looks like to me:%0d%0A“
Notes - What Thrive on Change, and Grow as a Family looks like to me:%0d%0A“
+exercisenotes5+"%0d%0A%0d%0AGeneral Notes:%0d%0A"
Notes - What Add to the Awesome looks like to me:%0d%0A“
Notes - What Build the Flame looks like to me:%0d%0A“
+exercisenotes7+"%0d%0A%0d%0AGeneral Notes:%0d%0A";,'emailWin');

HOWEVER, when I publish it to Review 360 to test it, nothing happens. What in the world am I doing wrong?