User notes that they can print and email

Hi all. I built a course earlier this year that contains a "notes" function to allow users to take a moment to reflect and type their thoughts on certain questions. This is used in place of a typical multiple response/choice type question. Thought I'd share it here with you!

Here are the files:

Screenr Part 1: Demonstration -

Screenr Part 2: How It Was Built -

Storyline Source:

Published Output:



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Tanya Botha

You rock! I truly aspire to this good one day! Only been in content development for 6 months but I am so hungry for knowledge.

Please share your ideas

Can you please assist with the functionality of converting the image to video to import into Storyline. I downloaded the Articulate presenter free trial and would like to give it a go.

The lift scene is amazing!

Adam Truckenmiller

This idea is great! I have been trying to figure out a way to do this!

Just one question....Is anyone else having issues with the printing option working in IE? Both versions of the Storyline files (From Stephanie and Owen) work great in Google Chrome however neither one works for me in IE. I have tested in IE 10 all the way down to 7. Is there a setting that needs to be changed in IE in order for it to work?

Angela Carr

Hi Everyone, I'm really excited about this functionality so I downloaded Stephanie's test file and loaded it into my LMS for testing. Her version worked perfectly for the email (I don't really need the print function for my project). So I was very excited and tried to replace her variables with my own (tiny testing project I've created for just such things), but to my dismay, I can't get it work. I've reworked it until I'm completely stumped. I know the functionality is there within my LMS, but when I publish my test course and click the email link....nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm adding in the javascript and the variables in case anyone can see something I'm missing.


I believe that the javascript is breaking at the first "unknown command" which is your get score command. Java doesn't like the variable name that contains the "." (Results.ScorePoints specifically). At least, that is my theory.

Try either removing this line from your code (since you are not using it in your email body currently) or...

if you will be using it in the future, first pass the StoryLine created variable into one of your own and then pull that one into your email body using javascript.


Adam Truckenmiller said:

....Is anyone else having issues with the printing option working in IE? Both versions of the Storyline files (From Stephanie and Owen) work great in Google Chrome however neither one works for me in IE. I have tested in IE 10 all the way down to 7. Is there a setting that needs to be changed in IE in order for it to work?


I'm working with users that are primarily on IE 9 and I haven't seen any issues. Not sure which setting would be blocking it. Sorry.

jyothi sita

Hi Owen, Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info with the community. I have implemented the print functionality and uploaded the SCORM files on to our LMS (moodle) and found an issue of data saving. Initially we entered some data and exit the course from the summary of all notes page. This data has been saved in the LMS correctly in the first attempt but the problem here is "data is not getting updated when I come back and restart the course and re-enter the data. The data which is entered after restarting the course is not getting displayed in the summary of notes page instead it is displaying the old data.

Is there any possibility to replace old data with the new one every time when we entered data in the "text entry field"?

Any help would be appreciated....!!!!

Helen Jones

I just used the initial concept of "type your thoughts - now compare to ours" on a course. I too wanted to avoid the multiple choice type question but still have some interactivity. I love knowing I can take it to the next level and let them print or email their notes. This is really great! Thank you for sharing all the goodies to make it work.

Matthew Mason

Hi, has anyone had issues with the emailing notes function where it will not work sometimes? I have created a course and have identified when there is too much text written into the notes sections the email will not appear. Any ideas?

I have used slightly different javascript than used in Stephanie's example.

Geoffrey Allan

Thanks Stephanie

I've developed an assessment tool for a client, using the email script you wrote, to pass results to the person who will give personal feedback to the user of the program. Works a treat on PCs but although the program works on an iPad, the email function doesn't. I wonder if anyone else has used the email function and had it work with an IPad?

Bruce Graham

Lynn McDonald said:

Wow, this is fantastic, I am very mucha novice in comparision.

Does anyone know of a way to print all the course content instead of just notes. I would like for the audience to be able to print this for later review?



Hi Lynn,

You can Publish to a Word document - would that be of use?

Sometimes the screen images can look a bit strange, as it will show all content "heaped" if you have a load of objects.

Bj Wilson

I am just wondering if this javascript I came across for opening up a gmail composer window could be incorporated into the email function so that people who do not have outlook but use gmail could use that?

Here's the javascript: 

popw='';Q='';x=document;y=window;if(x.selection) {Q=x.selection.createRange().text;} else if (y.getSelection) {Q=y.getSelection();} else if (x.getSelection) {Q=x.getSelection();}popw ='' + escape(document.title) + '&su=Question re: Opportunity' + '&' + '&body= I have a question about this Opportunity: ' + escape(location.href) + escape('\n') + escape('\n') + 'My question is: ' ,'gmailForm','scrollbars=yes,width=680,height=510,top=175,left=75,status=no,resizable=yes');if (!document.all) T = setTimeout('popw.focus()',50);void(0);

Can anyone show us how to use this so that it gets the variables one wants to pass etc?

Matthew Bibby

@BJ, I feel that you shouldn't need to do this and that it may result in a poor experience for those who use desktop based email programs.

A mailto: link should open the users default email application. Gmail users can set gmail as their default email application by following these steps.

Bj Wilson

In the demo file above the javascript used to run email goes to Outlook regardless of whether gmail is set as default email client. I just tried it. Gmail is my default email client but the script opens Outlook for me. Any further thoughts as a way of giving users a choice on what version of a course to use depending on their email setup rather than confuse them with more than one option from within a course?

Bj Wilson

The link above opens in gmail for me as do all mailto links but the
javascript in the demo file is not using a mailto link. In the javascript for this file it uses ",'emailWin');" which I think is what opens Outlook whereas the javascript I quoted uses the mailto link for opening a gmail compose window that I thought maybe able to be utilized for gmail users but also grabbing the other variables so that gmail users can get the same email results as Outlook users.