Can't start recording because control GUI not accessible

Dec 01, 2021


I can't start my recording because the control panel (with the start button) is not accessible after resizing. It is put below the recording window and therefore doesn't appear on my screen ! (see image, you can see a tiny bit of it on the bottom middle)

Is there a shortcut to start the recording like there is for ending it ? Or is there a way to manually move Peek's control panel where I want ?



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Becca Levan

Sorry you're having some trouble with Peek 360, Thibault!

I spotted an open support case you're working with Robert in related to Peek 360, so I added these comments to the case. This way, Robert can reach out to help you troubleshoot, and we keep all the information in one spot.

You should hear from our team soon via e-mail!

Kelly Auner

Hi Peter,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!

When you launch Peek 360 and choose your recording area, you should see the control panel appear like in the photo below.

Peek 360

If this is not what you’re seeing, my first suggestion is to make sure your monitor is set to 100% scaling. Here is the user guide for Peek 360 for Windows, and a video tutorial on getting started with Peek 360.

Please feel free to open a support case with our team for 1:1 assistance if you need!