Peek360 records audio with a scratchy background noise on 3 different micophones, does not happen in other programs

May 18, 2022

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to record some instruction videoes with Peek360, and the sound keeps having a scratchy background noise.

I have tried three different microphones (RØDE USB microphone, a Marshall MID headset and an AKG in-ear headset that came with my phone) - all have the same problem.
I have tried recording sound in other programs (Audacity, Vyond and Articulate Replay), and the issue does not appear anywhere but in Peek360 - which is sadly the program I need to use for this task.

I'm on a Windows system and the microphone input setting is set to 96%. I have tried lovering to around 50%, but with no luck. It also seems like Peek360 cant manage audio input settings in any way.

Does anyone have the same experience, or some advise on a solution?

- Anders

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Anders, 

Sorry to hear that you are running into audio quality issues when making recordings using Peek 360. It's good to hear that you didn't encounter the same issue when using Replay 360. Since it's only happening in Peek 360, try repairing the application and let me know if it fixes the issue for you. 

If the issue persists, please reach out to to our support team here so we can continue troubleshooting the audio issue through a support case.