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Michael Bellis

I would like to know something similar, we have a group license where I work, but for some reason, we're unable to publish the course to the same review link if another user takes over editing, even if the title/filename of the course remains the same.

For example:

I publish 'course 1', our reviewers make some comments
I save and close the .story file allowing another user to edit, they make changes and go to publish to Review, but in the dropdown box to 'Publish a new version of an existing item' there's the message 'You have not publish this project before' under the 'Previously used for this project' title.

Why doesn't it allow the other editor of the course to see the title of the course that I published to so that they can publish and updated version on Review, instead of starting a new Review link where we have to manually compare comments?

Or even is there a way to merge comments to the newly created link, if this is easier to implement than the former request?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

When you publish to Review, you have the option to publish as a new version of a current item or a new item altogether. If you publish as a new item, i.e. with a new title you'll see that feedback listed on the new item and won't have a connection to any previously published courses. You may also find our new user guide helpful on how to manage Review projects

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Each user on your 360 Teams account has their own Review account that they'll be publishing too. We don't have a combined account for publishing to Review. 

Also, how are you sharing the .story file? Are you using Teams slides to send copies back and forth?  I'd also follow along with the best practices outlined here to prevent odd behavior in your files that could lead to corruption. 

Michael Bellis

Hi Ashley, thanks for your reply.

No we don't use Team Slides, are you saying that would in some way help our situation? Or is the answer that it's not possible for multiple developers using the same file at different times to publish to the same Review link (preserving whatever comments were there).

One developer saves and closes syncing the file via Google Drive File Stream before another developer picks up the file to make changes.

I'm aware of the best practices, thank you.