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Deanna Deveau

I'd like to add my voice as well. I create multiple projects for multiple clients within our organization. Sharing sometimes as many as 6 different links at a time per client is frustrating for all. If I could house my projects in client folders and give them a link to access the folder, they can see all their projects at once.

jeremiah@adjusterpro.com Harrison

Two years have gone by.  I know you guys are busy, but we really, really, need this functionality.  Really.  There are so many of your clients that need to share review content with their teams and being able to share folders is very important for getting multiple modules worked on.  In my opinion, two years is entirely too long for this feature to be made.  Is this feature that difficult to implement?  I have got to assume that it is since two years have gone by, quite a few folks have piped up and asked for it strongly.  I guys just got $1.5 billion a year ago, PLEASE make this feature.  I am just adding my voice to the throng...