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Elizabeth Miles

It does, but even if you can find a workaround Blackboard usually throws a security error if you try to force content to open within the frame.  I've used an image from the course as a hyperlink in Bb to open the course in a new window/tab.  This doesn't solve your problem...but it does make it look a bit more cohesive to students.  

Ramesh Muthukumarana

Hi Elizabeth,

We are also thinking of using Rise on Blackboard courses at our university. I have been using mini Storyline interactions in Blackboard for a while now. I was able to embed SL in Blackboard "items" and also was able to give a link to open in a new tab. It worked until Google Chrome blacked flash content (these SL applications were created using SL 2 while back). Now we are republishing them with SL 360 HTML 5 output. 

I also want to see if we can incorporate Rise with BB. I understand that I can give a link to open in a new tab. But can I embed in an item like did in Storyline? It worked seamlessly with the lesson and aesthetically appealing.

Also, I am new to Rice and don't know much about it. Do you think it can be used as an ebook to present content within Blackboard? I want to find a better way to present content within Blackboard. Right now we are using Blackboard items to display "content." I just wanted to get your opinion/pointers on using Rice with Blackboard.

Anyone who has experience using BB and Rise, please free to respond.

Thanks in advance.

Nick Savage

Hi Anthony and Ramesh

Am sure you've probably worked this out but thought I'd add it for anyone else looking to undertake this. I too am interested in the seamless fit. I don't want additional windows opening (and more importantly the students don't) so I have the below methodology. 

Ramesh, to clarify you won't be able to embed the Rise outputs in an item as you would a SL output as its a different type of tool and displays different, but you can have them as a link that will open in the same frame as Blackboard.

1) Export the Rise course as SCORM as 1.2 and ensure you choose "Exit Course Link" (You need to use 1.2 as 2004 v4 doesn't allow you to exit the course and return to the LMS unless you click back a load of times which is really rubbish).

2) Go to the Content Area you want to put the resource, import the Rise course into Blackboard via Build Content, choosing how you want to setup grading

3) When you've deployed in Blackboard, return to the SCORM item and hit the action arrow and "edit".

4) On the options page, choose "Edit SCORM Player behaviour" YES radio button

5) In launch behaviour, choose "frameset" and "frameset" from the two dropdowns

6) Test as a member of staff to make sure it launches. When you know it launches, click "Exit Course" in the top right and you'll be returned to the launch page. Be warned though, it won't remember you've attempted the course each time you enter it as a member of staff. 

7) Click "Enter Student Preview" and test as a student would. Click "Exit Course" in the top right and you'll be returned to the launch page. This will remember where you left off each time.

I hope that helps and makes sense.