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chunhui zhang

Hi Allison,

Articulate Rise is such a brilliant, easy-to-use authoring tool! love it! I'm trying to develop language learning courses on Rise, it would be greatly helpful if you and the Rise development team could consider adding the following functions in the future:

1. add autoplay audios to flash cards - very helpful for learning languages

2. we can choose how many flashcards grids for each row

3. add audios to labeled graphics, which can autoplay when hovering over or clicking on the label, and we can even add the customized image as new marker style.

Many thanks & with best wishes,


Crystal Horn

Hey there, everyone. We've been listening to your experiences and wanted to share an update about automatically playing audio in Rise 360 courses.

Web browsers are moving toward stricter auto-play policies in order to improve the user experience. We agree that requiring some kind of action from the user-  such as clicking a button before playing audio- is the right approach to ensure a unified experience for all learners. To that end, we won't be adding any auto-play features to Rise 360. However, we are looking at ways we may be able to provide narration features that don’t auto-play.