Adding Initial Question to eliminate learners

Oct 22, 2021

I've built a course in RISE. It ends with a graded QUIZ. I now have a request for an addition to the course.

Client was to add a question or a selectable link (think Button tack) where learner answers YES or NO. If Yes, learner continues to main course. If no, they would exit. 

The dilemma is the QUIZ at the end. Course is set up to learner has to take it. How would you/could you by-pass this so if the learner answered NO the course just ends?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ken! Do you have the option to create this course in Storyline 360 instead of Rise 360? Storyline 360 offers fully customizable navigation, as well as greater flexibility for tracking completion. You can even let Storyline keep track of multiple quizzes and send results to your LMS for the first quiz each learner completes.

I'll open the floor to the community to share other ideas with you!