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Nuno  Cardoso

You can add audio to your rise Courses. 

  1. Extract the course to a folder;
  2. Open the scormcontent folder;
  3. Put your audio file inside this folder (I named mine as audio.mp3);
  4. Inside this folder there is a index.html - Edit with notepad or any html editor;
  5. Put the following line of code inside the <head> tag
<audio src="audio.mp3" controls=true autoplay=true loop=true></audio>

Save and test it.

NOTE: A player is displayed in the top left corner of the course. Now you have control in the audio (play, pause, volume).

Let me know if you need any assistance.


Cynthia Klassen

Thank you Crystal, this is great news for narration. For my learners who are ESL and those who learn better by listening than reading I'm sure they would not mind having to click a button to start the narration - if that is the only option for your developers. I'm looking much forward to this feature!