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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Benita, that's a great question! Right now, there isn't a way to upload your own images to a media library inside of Rise 360. That's a popular request, so I'll add your vote to the list!

For now, I would suggest creating a folder on your hard drive for each Rise 360 course you create, and use that folder to store the images and other resources.  

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for clarifying, Benita!

Content Library 360 is a library that every Articulate 360 subscriber has access to, so you wouldn't add your own images or templates to the Content Library. However, Storyline 360 does have features that make it easy for you to store your assets and create your own templates!

All of your project assets are stored in Storyline 360's Media Library. To find it, go to the View tab on the Storyline ribbon and click Media Library.

When you're ready to save your slides as a template, follow the steps in this guide: Creating Custom Templates. 

Let me know if that answers your question!

Mike Gagos

Ah, yeah. Funny. That's what I thought "Content Library" was when I first saw it in Rise 360. I thought I could create my own custom library of images and graphics that my team uses. I've been trying figure out how to upload images to the content library. This answers it! Thank you. Definitely add another group to the feature request. A custom content library for a team account would be great tool for rapid development. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dawn! 

The Block Templates feature allows you to save existing blocks and their content as block templates, then reusing those block templates in other lessons. And if you have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, you can share block templates with your team.

It sounds like you need a feature that will allow your team to store image files in a central location that is accessible by every team member. Rise 360 doesn't have a feature like that right now, but I'll be sure to share your idea with my team!