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Michelle Allan

Hi Justin,
Have tables been added to the road map since you last posted? They're pretty important for me for displaying numbers or other dense data - an important skill for our target audience is to learn how to interpret data so we often want to team this with a multiple choice question. It would be great to have responsive tables in rise - an image with text doesn't display well at all on smaller screens. On a slight tangent, have there been any discussions about entering equation text in Rise?

Kelly-Anne Slatton

I'll 4th this! Spreadsheets/tables would be huge for us to have! My company does education and review courses for the Certified Financial Planner exam so we use LOTS of tables. Ive been recreating them in other software and saving and importing as an image file, but we have to update numbers yearly, so it would be lovely to be able to make the updates right in Rise instead of elsewhere, re saving, and re uploading. Thanks!

Dorrien Venables

I would also like add my say to a Spreadsheet/table feature being a worthwhile addition to Rise, perhaps as a block component. I am concerned that the effectiveness of using a table as an image may be undermined by the possibly loss of clarity and effectiveness with different screen-sizes and may not be as responsive as compared to a table block component. 

Stuart Marshall

Embedding a Google Sheet (using the generated iFrame code when you publish the sheet to the web and adding to a multimedia embed block in Rise) works pretty well. And the content of the sheet updates automatically when changes are made to the source sheet so it is very handy for dynamic data. 

Stuart Marshall

No problem Ashley. Here is a fairly simple example of what can be achieved using Google Sheets: https://rise.articulate.com/share/FFX-hlrYt2x8eD0W

The tables aren't responsive but do still work quite well on smaller screens, especially in landscape mode. Certainly a better approach than using an image of a table I would think.


Tom Adams

Even Inkling allows for tables. It is a worthwhile feature.

While we're on worthwhile features, how about the ability to print. As has been noted on other threads, some industries are heavily regulated and audited and require printed material. I have a need for printing job aids for restaurant workers. While they do have access to tablets with digital media, they also have a need for the occasional printed-and-tacked-to-the-wall page.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chet, 

That's a lot of things you listed! To make sure we capture your need, can you clarify, are you looking for:

  • Importing tables/spreadsheets into Rise for display and to take advantage of the responsive design?

  • Are you looking to import/export content (i.e. text, questions, access to a translation copy, etc.) for ease of creating Rise courses?

That'll help our product team as we continue to plan our roadmap!

Chet Hertz

Thanks Ashley.  I'd say more the former bullet than the latter.  Which I think is in keeping with the spirit of some of the asks earlier in this thread. 

Tablular formats, whether they be in source like Word tables or Excel sheets, are not always completely avoidable as I translate various source materials to re-envision them as Rise-authored content.  So a Rise-native mechanism to author tables and also to be able to bring them in from common office formats would go a long way.  

(As a bonus, it would be amazing if URL text brought in from tabular source was actually understood as hyperlink, but I realize that might be tougher nut to crack.)

That said... love working with Rise -- fine stuff you've provided.  We'll get there!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Chet (and Tom)! That helps a ton.

Follow up question for you - now that Storyline supports tables, and we're working on the finishing touches for our Storyline block in Rise, would that cover your need? I know it may be hard to say since you haven't seen the Storyline block yet...but it's coming soon! 

We're adding new stuff to Articulate 360 all the time - driven by great community ideas - so keep 'em coming! 🌟

Tom Adams

Yeah, I really don't use tables much in SL, but it's nice to have them there. I can't comment on Rise's table-ability since I haven't seen it, but I would hope that it's at least the same thing that's in SL and not just a mechanism for importing tables CREATED in SL. Does that make sense? So IOW, give Rise users the ability to create and manage tables *IN* Rise, and not just import. Or am I being too literal-minded?

Thanks, Ashley.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Chet and Tom for that insight! 

Yes, I was wondering if you built the table in Storyline and imported that into Rise. Based on the Storyline block that's coming - anything you create there can be pulled into a Rise course. When our team is looking at new features we're often considering the viability of any current methods to accomplish the same thing - take a look at our process here.

It sounds like that wouldn't work for you though so we'll keep Tables as a separate request!