Any Updates on Considering Auto Play Media in Rise?

Nov 13, 2018

Hi - I was wondering if there were any updates on adding an auto play feature for media in Rise? The learner would have to hit play for audio and/or video in each lesson. It would be more interactive if the media was set to play automatically. 


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Laurie Flenner

I will add my vote to please provide the option to auto-play the audio for the course creator to choose as the default, or for the learner to decide a the beginning of the module.  I receive complaints from my users that the constant clicking is actually disruptive to the learning experience, and I agree.

eLearning Developer

I'm extremely disappointed to read this news, as I'm sure are MANY others! We are developing e-learning modules, not websites!

Understand that your competitor (Adobe) has already incorporated audio in it's reactive offering. Now that they offer a subscription-based license, should you continue to lag behind innovating Rise360, many of us will have to opt for the Adobe product. 

I do hope Articulate reconsiders their approach. Your developers are better than this!


Kate Goebel, Senior Instructional Designer and e-Learning Geek

Jeff Momsen

It's so funny, I have been monitoring this thread VERY closely as improving the narration experience is so necessary, along with the RISE path towards accessibility (specifically the screen reader compatibility).

I was delighted to see the flood of supporting comments from the community to champion this fix but even more happy to see a colleague that I know and respect chime in!

Anthony Goss

I am hopeful that Articulate is working on this.  I know it is probably one of the most requested features based on the threads here.  I am fine not having autoplay as I do see giving learner control of the audio is a good idea.  However, it needs to be a more seamless experience.  Something I have been doing is using the process block for this purpose.  It kind of a slide show of sorts.  I just wish there was something like a "Narration block" where we could put a series of slides that play from beginning to end after the student presses a play button on a splash screen.  Of course, I know a SL Block can achieve this, but this is not a Rise thing, and it is an extra step. 

eLearning Developer

Nice to hear from you, Jeff!

I've made official feature / enhancement requests for auto-play SEVERAL times in the last two years. I'm losing hope they will address this need. I encourage everyone to add your thoughts to the feature request list as well!

Here is the link:

I posted the following six months ago:

"Please add the auto-playback feature! When taking an e-learning module on a small device, it is even more important that we are able to auto-play audio/video! The "screen space" is already limited, and making a user "swipe/scroll around" for a play button is unfair. 

If we are truly keeping the learner in mind, the path to least resistance should be at the forefront of development. "  

All the best to you and yours, Jeff! 


Maria Higuero

Add my vote too. We, as elearning authors, need this feature. I think it's essential to elearning, we´re not developing webpages, we´re making elearning courses and the auto-play function it's almost a mandatory didactic resource. All we are asking is the freedom to choose if the audio or video will autoplay or not.  

Mike Bowie

+1 from me as well. I have also added a feature enhancement request (thanks 'eLearning Developer Kate' whoever you may be :-). Having used Rise for a couple of internal courses now it is infinitely quicker, but for my external client paying courses, I need autoplay voiceover.. It's almost a backwards step.