Any way to copy questions from a Quiz to make them Knowledge Check blocks in a Lesson?

Feb 13, 2020

I'm creating a Rise course with the same look and feel as some existing courses.

Unfortunately, to create the assessment, I used a Quiz object, and populated it with questions, not realising that the other courses had used a Lesson with Knowledge Check blocks in it instead. So compared to the other courses, my assessment has a different look and feel (e.g. with a Start Quiz link, and each question on a separate "sheet").

Is there any way to copy the questions from my Quiz into Knowledge Check blocks, so that I don't have to create all the questions again?

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Crystal Horn

Great news! Announcing the beta of question banks in Rise 360! This means you can recycle questions from quizzes in knowledge check blocks.

Create randomized quizzes by drawing from a bank of prepared questions. You have the flexibility to use question banks for knowledge check blocks or quizzes—giving you options for how and when you want to check or test a learner’s knowledge. And if you’re an Articulate 360 Teams subscriber, you can easily share question bank folders with other team members to ensure consistency across your organization’s courses.

Find out more about creating, managing, and using question banks in our Rise 360 User Guide.