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Kristi Lozano

I've used many tools for development over the years and was wowed by Rise, but without enhancing the learning with narration, I won't be able to use it with a good conscience. Audio that pairs with visuals and text naturally and not as an afterthought where you must click on it is where Rise must go as a learning platform. Please add audio capabilities to text and visual blocks. We learn best when multiple channels or parts of our brain marry content elements.

Suso Atanes

I hope also. But I think that it’s going to be difficult…it seems that are legal security reasons in this issue. But you never know…cross fingers!

Best wishes.

Suso Atanes


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Lauren Ammons

This issue is the one thing keeping me from developing exclusively in Rise. Rise is a much faster tool to develop and would help me get content out quicker, but not having autoplay as an option is a deal breaker for my employer and therefore Rise is off of the table. Storyline it is for me until this option is added.