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Cindy Wallace

Adding my vote for auto play as well.  Glad to see it is now on the roadmap and hopefully it will be added soon.  

Unfortunately, the lack of this capability detracts from all of the elegant solutions that we could do with Rise.  It is essential for our applications and we cannot use RIse 360 with the expectation of the user to click repeatedly for the audio. 

Chris  Dailey

I have created the storyline block and have imported that block into RISE, but how do I enable the Autoplay feature with the storyline block that's imported to RISE? The learner still has to press "Play" to initiate the storyline block. This is what I would like to avoid and instead, when the learner scrolls to this storyline block, imported into RISE, I would like for it to play for them.

Matthew Cole

I know this is an older thread but wanted to let people know that the reasoning behind not auto-playing media is not just because of stricter rules.

For any media to auto-play, means the user/learner is suddenly using data. If they are not on a Wi-Fi network (or for some reasons, have their mobile device set to expend cell/tablet data first), then those are all automatic dings on their data-usage allotment. 

You can see where this might cause issues for the user/learner. If all media auto-plays, and they surpass their data-usage, suddenly they are on the hook for data-overage charges. This in particular is of concern for users/learners who rely solely on their mobile device for internet accessibility, and accessibility towards whatever eLearning content you are creating, which can thus become a concern for the employer.

Ways around it of course, but this is why some developer programs (and some rules/regulation around this exact topic) have been deliberately designed this way (and I believe I recall RISE even stating that was their intent when this first rolled out). I'm not sure of the percentage, but a lot of html 5 stuff is shifting towards that design format as well. Just food for thought.

Jason Travis

I agree with all comments in this and other threads about the need for auto play audio, it adds to the experience and drives engagement.

Matthew makes a good point, but you could have a disclaimer at the start of your training module about data usage. 

Learning is about engagement and a voice over for content supports learners who perhaps don't read well. 

This is a must have in my book, and everythign else about Articulate is great for me so far, lack of this feature is a real let done.

James Parkes

I am currently in the review stages of a Rise module. 

The module contains storyline blocks that have audio that plays at the start of each timeline. 

Usually, the Storyline section will have a black box and a play button for users to start the content. This is how I would like it. I can control how the user has to view the content before continuing which is great!

However, recently I have been finding that the storyline content audio will start playing by itself even when the user has not reached the part of the Rise Module where the audio is applicable. This usually making users confused and unsure of what part they are meant to be on. 

The option to have audio autoplay once a storyline block is covering the majority of the screen would resolve all these issues. 

I have also found that the Storyline blocks usually work the way I would like in Chrome, however, it is more likely to autoplay in Microsoft Edge. Maybe some clarity surrounding why this occurs would be great so that we can suggest to the users to open the module in chrome if required. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Concetta Phillipps

Given that the audio player controls are not clearly labeled, we've found our users are very confused by the use of it. So we end up having to put the audio into a movie so that our users can actually SEE the play button. 

If we had audio autoplay, it would greatly expand the benefits of using audio in Rise courses so that we could make cleaner looking courses faster. I'm looking at a course right now, for example, where I could play a nice complementary audio track while they see the knowledge check question. Instead, the users have to watch a movie first, then they can complete the knowledge check, effectively making two steps to complete. 

One of the other users in this thread just gave me the idea to make it a Storyline block and import it into Rise, but it would be just amazing if we didn't have to be writing back and forth to make it work in Rise. 

Chris Roetzer

+1 to upvote enabling autoplay for media files like audio - in a sense it's no different than starting a video right? For example, in the process block, I have narration that matches the text on screen so it's accessible. But it's a clunky UI asking a learner to click the process step button to advance, click an audio file play button, click the next step process button, etc. They just won't. So, yes please, feature request :)

Ken Kluge

I have also been on the list to request an auto play feature option in Rise. Perhaps a little help for the Rise Engineers to nudge this along...

The use case in my world of ISD would be to use a continue button as a divider that would be set to not enable until the content above is completed (Playing or Interactivity). When the continue divider button enables or allows the learner to advance, clicking on it would bring in the next topic and trigger the auto-play as required. This trigger can be optional and configured by me. 

But I do believe that it must be tied to a continue divider button. Otherwise as the Learner scrolls through the lesson, the media either has no way of triggering to auto start, or they will all start playing at the same time.

My Two Cents from 20+ years of ISD experience....