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Chris  Dailey

I have found a solution to have the audio played automatically within Rise. The audio plays automatically when the storyline block loads/appears onscreen. I am using text-to-speech, and then I create a trigger for the audio to start at the beginning of the timeline. I have reviewed it, and it works perfectly! This does require you to import your storyline block into Rise.

Chris  Dailey

Yes, I agree, I have started to use storyline blocks when audio is needed. This takes a little more time due to needing to convert the RISE block to the Storyline. It allows the course to become more dynamic. 

I have also become a little more creative with adding audio to the imported storyline block, but it aligns with another block later in the course, so from the learner's experience, they may have a seamless experience. 

Kim Tylka

I also agree it would be nice if it is an option- but not the default.  For example on a marked graphic which offers audio- it would be nice for the option to have it be automatic.  I also agree with the many comments that people could easily skip the audio or even miss it.  I think it is wise to not have audio overly used, but when it is chosen it would be nice to have the option for it to be automatic.

Tim Kingsford

So, I understand the hesitancy to add audio-auto play but why not allow us to add a trigger to other activities that then cause the audio to play? You already auto-animate the rendering of pages as users scroll, why can't you support the same behavior for autoplay video and/or audio files? Imagine for example that I could build a trigger that says On Mouse Scroll Play Audio File 1, or when page renders on scroll event play audio file 1, or when user clicks the START button of the course, open the course and play audio file 1. It doesn't make any sense that when I am browsing through my Facebook page, if my audio was set to play the last time I used it as soon as I scroll to the video it plays without additional prompting. If I'm Muted then I have to change things...but the fact that they play is critical to the user experience. We are trying to use the tool to develop learning content and in cognitive learning design I need to send an audio channel and two visual channels, a symbol and analog. By not letting me send the audio channel it is adversely impacting the success of the content I'm developing. It's seams a little crazy that everyone is begging for this feature but doesn't appear to be a priority and should be!

Dane Boyington

I terms of browsers limiting auto-play, would it not be possible to require a student to play the first media clip, but then all other media clips in the same course would auto play?  This would be a great compromise, so that students only have to click the audio track once at the beginning of the lesson.

Garrett Darland

Hello Alyssa.  Has this feature been added to Rise yet, or maybe it's only been added to the roadmap.  This is a huge piece of compliance training - because the ADA requires automatic audio to be read for certain visually-handicapped people.  This is an important feature for people who make officially certified learning modules.  Please let us know if you are adding something to address this need.  Thanks so much! 


Don't hold your breath. Five years ago this was brought up:


Two years ago a staff member said it was logged as a feature request:


I've yet to see any feature, requested by MANY here, implemented. Not a single one I've looked into, going back YEARS. Just accept this limited program as-is, until you can move on to other products on the market. That's what we're doing where I work.