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Stefano Todaro


I was fooled by the html code that you published, because it was the structure of a page where you put another code! It seems a Template!

I was convinced it needed to insert (for example) a form!

The Multimedia> Embed Block can also serve to include code parts like a <div> with an included form?


Stefano Todaro

Hi Ashley,

I do not understand why in the RISE: Block> Multimedia> Embed I insert a perfectly working example with an iframe:

<iframe src = "http://4mareciak.it/prova/JQuery/email/example-01.html"> </ iframe>

and then past the code and given enter, it turns itself into:

<iframe src = "https://4mareciak.it/prova/JQuery/email/example-01.html"> </ iframe>

Giving me obviously a mistake!

Is it true that the example publishes a video in https, but do not think it's compulsory?

thank you

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stefano, 

Rise uses secure https, so embedded content must also use https to work properly. 

If your URL did start with https and your embedded content is still missing or not working in Rise, test the URL in this security checker. Sometimes the hosting site is secure but the content itself isn't. The security checker will let you know!

Adrian  Foley

Hi Leslie 

This is a bit unrelated to this post, but is on the topic of coding in Rise. I've just been having difficulty troubleshooting this issue. 

I'm trying to get rid of the percentage progress bar on a Rise Course I've created to have it look more like an information page, rather than a course. 

I've recently learned you can do that by tweaking the CSS code on the 'main.bundle.CSS' file  (your module name > content > lib > main.bundle.css). 

I've followed the instructions on the manual below entitled 'Remove Progress Bar'. 

Advanced Rise Tips - Remove Progress Bar & Menu Progress Icons | Rise 360 (articulate.com)

I follow all theses steps to a tee, and still the percentage progress bar will not disappear. 

Any tips on coding, exporting, extracting files the right way etc. to ensure the code works would be greatly appreciated!