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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gail,

The Rise course will resize to fit within the pre-existing frame of the embed option. Since Rise content is responsive, it'll resize and scale based on the device you use, so allowing Rise to handle that throughout will provide for the best experience. 

Could you share more about why you'd like to embed one Rise course inside another? That may give us some clues towards other ideas to help you out! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gail,

Have you looked at Exporting for LMS and uploading that to Moodle? That would likely provide a better experience in your LMS, than embedding the Share link within Moodle.

Also, I'd check with Moodle to see if they're forcing courses to display within a set frame - as I know we've seen that issue for other LMSs in the past.

Let me know if you need anything else! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jonathan,

I upload my Rise courses to an Amazon S3 page where they are standalone on their own pages, so I'm not the best choice to share examples of how it would look with multiple courses embedded on one page.

Hopefully, there is someone in the community who can share a behind the scenes view of how they've set this up in their own site! 

Sharon Fernandes

HI I am trying to embed a rise course into an article on our e learning platform. How can I do so ?

The purpose is that the document contains general guidelines and is confusing to the user if made a scrom course. And if the articulate link is shared directly as it is, it go against company infomration being secure and staying internal, as user can have access to the articulate rise link that can be shared to anyone who isn't a company member.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your question.

You can try publishing your Rise course to web and then uploading it to a web server. Here’s how to do that.

Then, simply link to the URL within the article.

If the article is hosted on your learning platform, only people who have access to that platform can view the article and click on the course link.

Please reach out if you need anything else!

Kai Brobeil

Follow-up question about this, a little technical: we want to integrate Articulate Rise content into a custom LMS platform, including the shared data options (we want to save the progress and store quiz statuses when the user completes them on the fly). So basically, we are writing a new LMS integration. Do you have any pointers or examples where to look?

From looking at the exported Code, I'm really confused which part is tincan, which part is articulate addon and which part is the player (which we dont want to use)


EDIT: we don't want an iframe, we want deeper access to the tincan data (progress for example) and display it in a responsive way. As far as I understand, one has to use Rise if they need responsive content. 

Osasu Oladipo

Hi Ashley,

I am new to Articulate. I tried the option you mentioned above to embed a rise course, unfortunately  my course now has 2 different scroll buttons (one for the embedded course and another for the main course) even though the embed frame has been extended to a large size and border disabled.

Also I have 2 different intro page and can't get rid of the one in the embedded course. I considered changing the labels in both the main course and the embedded course to read differently (like 'Welcome' for the main and 'Start Course' for the embedded but it seems like both have to be same.

Is there something I am missing? Please advise.

Madelin Medlycott

Hello! I have exported my course to web and have my URL from opening my index.html file. However, when I put this into the iFrame template to embed on another page it doesn't work. I have also tried using a link for Review 360 and this does work so it seems like my original URL might be the issue. Do you know if I have to modify my file URL to work in the iFrame? My URL starts with File:// rather then http:///...