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Holly Webb

I would also like to see this. Please add my request!

Right now my issue is that when this Rise course is assigned in Cornerstone. Many users who completed the training last year (it is an annual compliance training and needs to be completed yearly) are opening the course in an "In Progress" state and are unable to get to a "Completed" state to have the training clear from their transcript.

Shelley Ferrell

Having the ability to choose in the publishing settings of Rise, the same way you can in Storyline, whether learners can resume where they left off or not would be really helpful. 

Since courses automatically resume this means we can't use it to create mandatory recurring training for our LMS. Just adding my voice to support the request for this feature.

Kevin Fox

I would also like too add my vote the this feature request. We are looking to add training to our additional training section of our Web portal where courses are designed to be used initially as a new skill but also will be available 24/7 as a refresher training, without the user being able to reset the training it will not effectively act as a refresher especially if the course have a limit to assessment attempts as it won't allow them to sit the assessment again once the have used all their attempts.

Eric Fox

I would also like to vote for this feature request. Actually, it seems like there are two slightly different but related features being requested: 1) Disable allowing learners to resume Rise courses, 2) Adding a way to reset progress in a Rise course. I'm actually more interested in #1, but #2 seems like it would be useful, too. :) 

Access Pointe

Adding my vote for this functionality. I posted a course in Rise, and am testing on SCORMCloud. In the testing process, I fail the final assessment 2x, which is the maximum. I want to now test what happens if I pass the course, and guess what; I cannot do that test because Rise will not reset progress. Help! 

Brett Rockwood

This is such an important requirement. There are multiple situations where it's necessary to allow the user to restart a course that's either completed or in progress in an LMS. Even simple pre-launch testing of a course in the LMS can't be efficiently done without the option of the tester being able to restart or resume to test various aspects of a course.

People have also mentioned allowing users the ability to go back and review a completed course. This is something that is sometimes mandated when there have been compliance violations, for example. Going back to the LMS administrators to reset a course isn't scalable or flexible.

This functionality works perfectly in Storyline and, for my organization, is pretty much essential if we are to use Rise for anything but non-essential training.

Please add my name to the list of requesters for an update.