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Sasha Land

The idea would be to make the user go back through all of the content in the course before attempting the quiz again. This is not really the same as unlimited quiz attempts. With unlimited quiz attempts the user can keep clicking the retry button without ever going back and reviewing all of the course content.

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Artur Trzebunia

NASBA requires that for nano-learning to offer CPE credit, a learner must pass the quiz with 100%. If a learners scores less than 100% they must retake the module before attempting the quiz again. Please tell me how this basic requirement in course design can be achieved in Rise given all the information in this thread and the limitations of this tool? Thanks!

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Artur! How about keeping your Navigation buttons enabled so learners can go back through previously viewed content? Then you can set your passing score to 100%.  

By default, quizzes have unlimited retries. They can go back to the content in the course and then retry the quiz again until they pass it. 

Artur Trzebunia

Thanks for the response Hazel. It's not a matter of allowing users to go back throw the content again (that can certainly be done), but rather requiring them to complete the module again BEFORE attempting the assessment again. This would require a reset of the course so that topics appear "unattempted" and the user cannot navigate freely through them and must complete them again in sequence. The assessment score and attempts would need to be retained on each attempt.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Artur,

Thanks for that explanation! Right now, Rise doesn't have a feature that would require the learner to retake the entire course if they fail the assessment.

However, your LMS may allow you to reset a learner's progress, so they'll have to start over from the beginning. I would recommend reaching out to your LMS administrator to find out if you have that option.