Can I publish an individual Rise lesson and not the entire course to Review 360?

Sep 29, 2021


I'm collaborating on a Rise 360 course with another team member. I want to share one of the lessons that I created on Review 360 to our review team, but I don't want to publish the entire course to Review 360. Is it possible to publish an individual lesson? The following article doesn't seem to indicate that this is possible, but thought I would ask.


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Gerry McAteer

Hi John, the way I have gotten around this is to create a new blank 'Placeholder' course and give it an appropriate name. Do not add any content at this point.

Open the course you are developing and go to the lesson that you want to send to Review. Click the ... more icon at the right hand side of the lesson title and select 'copy to another course' From the pop-up list of existing courses, select your placeholder course.

This single lesson has now been added to your placeholder course which you can now send to Review as normal. Please see attached image.  Cheers Gerry