Can I subscribe to the Quick Tips & Tricks espisodes?

Oct 11, 2021


I am interested in subscribing, if possible, to the Quick Tips & Tricks episodes so I know when new ones are published. Are these episodes live webinars that we can attend, or are they pre-recorded and posted? Even though I found them from the Rise 360 Training page (see attachment), it appears these episodes touch on other Articulate apps as well. That's fine, since the team I'm on uses many of the apps. Is there a way to see a complete, comprehensive list of the episodes? The way they appear to me is in a random order.



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David Anderson

Hey John -

While we don't currently offer a way to subscribe to the upcoming webinars, we keep our Upcoming Live Webinar schedule updated two weeks in advance:

The webinars are live on their scheduled date, but you can always go back and watch the recording from the training site: 

Hope that helps.

David Anderson

Forgot to answer your last question regarding the sorting order.

If you click the Quick Tips category, you'll see all previous episodes displayed in reverse chronological order:

Each page will list the tips and apps shared in the session.