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Math Notermans

There is quite a big difference between a One Page Scrolling website and a Rise course  published as Web. Although both are somewhat similar and you can put both on a webserver...thats where the comparison stops. If you show the code of a webpublished Rise course to a professional webdeveloper he either starts laughing or crying. As with all output from rapid authoring tools for that matters... its no clean code. Its published output from a rapid authoring tool.

Matthew Bibby
Karin Rex

Yikes who tinkled in your Cheerios guys? ;-)


This is now my new favorite saying!

While you are right that Rise can be used to get info up on the web, I don't advise people use it for a business website due to its performance. Rise isn't designed to be used in this way. As a result, it doesn't do a lot of things that a website should. So while it might look good, it doesn't work good under the hood. This means that the business will be heavily penalized by Google's search algorithm, making the page very hard to find.

This is why I said it won't perform well as a website. I'm not trying to be discouraging! Just saying it how it is. You can set up a basic website using Squarespace or Webflow, without knowing how to code, and it'll perform way better than a Rise course. If you need help exploring options, let me know. Happy to help where I can.