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Allison LaMotte

Hi Reena,

There's not currently a way to hide your course title in Rise. If the ability to do this would make authoring in Rise easier for you, please log a feature request to tell us more. 

However, I had a quick look at your screenshot and just wanted to mention that since the header image dynamically adapts depending on the device screen size, the text embedded in your header image may not be visible on smaller screens.

That's something I would recommend testing in preview to make sure it's looking the way you want to on all devices (assuming your learners will able to use multiple devices to access your course).

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi all!

From my own testing, adding an invisible character to the course title does not have a negative effect on publishing or uploading the output to an LMS.

Beyond that, I'm curious to hear more about why you want to remove the title. We are currently tracking a feature request to allow users to begin directly in the first lesson, skipping the course outline page. Would that help you achieve what you had in mind?

Campus Virtual de Salud Pública

Hello, we also wanted to be able to hide the course title. In our case, the reason was because the image we had designed for the course included the name of the course. So when we added that image as the "Cover Photo" (in Rise "Settings"), the name of the course appeared twice.  This same image was used in the course banners in our Virtual Classroom, social networks, marketing of the course, etc. Our solution was to edit that image before uploading it as the cover photo, and this time the image did not include the course title. Not the best solution but it worked and reading the messages in this forum was really helpful. Thanks!