Can you set passing score in knowledge check blocks in RISE?


I have multiple knowledge check blocks located throughout my course - these are created in RISE. 

Is there a way I can require a certain number of attempts of a correct answer before moving forward to the next section/lesson?


Just looking for a way to guarantee that learners must get all test questions correct in the self-study to pass. 

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Alyssa Gomez

That's a great question, Britney!

Rise knowledge check blocks are an informal way for learners to see how they're progressing with your content.  Knowledge check blocks are not graded, and learners can move forward after submitting a correct or incorrect answer. 

If you want to require learners to answer correctly before moving on, try creating the knowledge check in Storyline and embedding it in Rise using a Storyline block. 

Then, add a continue block to your Rise lesson after the Storyline block to prevent the learner from moving forward until the knowledge check question is answered correctly. Check out this article for details on that setup!