Cannot scroll to next lesson on iOS Mobile in Moodle LMS

Users on iOS mobiles cannot scroll to the next Rise lesson when SCORM is installed in Moodle. This is due to the scroll bar on the right that the iFrame sits within. The iFrame seems to be just a fraction too small.

It is possible to scroll one’s finger to the right of the screen on an iPhone however most users won’t realize this and will therefore get stuck!

Our organization has pre built the content in Articulate Rise and chosen Moodle LMS

I am helping setup the Moodle for the first time and also helping them select a free Moodle theme.

The issue is described in this attached short video and is a known Rise within and LMS issue. Having researched the Rise forums, there does not seem to be a solution.

The strong preference is to load SCORM in the current window (not a new window) because browsing on mobile is going to be very relevant. Mobile browsers usually have “pop up blockers”, so loading in a new window isn’t great. I am aware however that loading a new window would “solve” this issue.

This is with a Moodle theme called Adaptable formerly used by Coventry university - I tried other themes but they all have the same issue.

This is testing on Chrome with an iPhone X.

Hope the question and issue is clear?

I wondered about JavaScript it CSS to either add padding or adapt the height of the iFrame but the actual issue is that this is an iFrame within a larger scrolling window so I am not sure that that would solve it either.

Thanks for any insight!!!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Chris.

As you mentioned, Moodle displays Rise 360 content inside an iframe. This generates two scrollbars — an inner scrollbar for the Rise 360 content inside the iframe, and an outer scrollbar for the Moodle interface.

If you scroll down on a mobile device but you can’t see the next button, this is likely because the outer scrollbar hasn’t reached the bottom of the Moodle interface.

Unfortunately, the Rise 360 output doesn’t control this behavior in Moodle. Connect with your Moodle support to find out if there is a way to displace your courses in a new window without any Moodle interface/iframe. 

I'll also open the floor to other Moodle users in the community to share their tips with you!