Certificate Option in RISE

Aug 06, 2017

I've seen quite a few references in the Discussions area to a certificate of completion/completion ceremony being on a planned list of additions to RISE.

At the current time, is there a more exact timeframe as to the status of this/when this should be available? And, would this work with both web only and LMS exports?

Thank you so much!


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Karen Johnson

Another vote for a certificate option, please!!

My workaround was to embed a Google Forms survey, in which I have the "Forms Publisher" add on, which uses a google slides template to create the certificate.  It tends to be glitchy (the Forms Publisher "broke" for quite a while right after I discovered it, but then it got fixed and is currently working.)  We don't use an LMS (although I'm trying to get there), and using the google form allows me to capture who's been through the class, and the certificate is for the user.  I'd rather be able to do this via one system so there are fewer opportunities for breakdown.

Crystal Horn

Hi Karen! You might be interested in checking out Rise.com. Rise is a new brand and product that's offered by Articulate. It's an all-in-one training system your employees will love, and it makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage.

Rise 360 lets you create courses only. Once you've created a course in Rise.com, you can enroll learners, track their progress, and analyze training effectiveness—all within Rise. And it includes certificates of completion!

You can learn more about Rise at www.rise.com. You can also email the Rise team at sales@rise.com.

Penny Spacht

I am voting YES for a certificate!   I've created on in Storyline and then inserted it into Rise.  The major issue with this is that you need to insert JAVA code so it prints today's date.  We've learned not to do any JAVA because when your JAVA expert leaves it causes all sorts of issues.    You can have the learner enter today's date, but not everyone is trustworthy.  

Camilla Smith

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