Character Limit in Rise Scenarios

Does anyone know if there is a plan to modify the 150 character limit in Scenarios in Rise?  Or...I have to ask, does anyone know a way around it?

Using Scenarios is wonderful but 150 character max extremely limiting since scenarios are ideal for things like knowledge checks and scenario role plays.

This is really limiting my use of what could otherwise be a great tool.

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Kristina Bowman

I understand the need to limit the character count so it looks visually appealing on smaller devices but is there a way to remove the restrictions for users who choose to only use desktop mode? I can echo the same feedback from the above people where I find scenarios extremely beneficial however the limited characters make it difficult to practice real life conversations.

Matt Garton

We do translations for many multi-national companies that use RISE. These 150 character limits REALLY dont work well. Our clients regularly use 140-150 characters in English, which when they come back from translation can be 200+ characters. Right now our translators are pulling their hair out, cause in one scenario, the client used 149/150 characters, and they simply CAN NOT make it fit in 150 in multiple languages without information loss that is leading to it being harder for learners to know what the right answer is.

While I understand the need for multi-device and platform support, this design decision is having a real-world impact and I'd encourage Articulate/RISE to find solutions (even if it's something like limiting it to 150 unless a "check box" in RISE is checked to add scroll bars. Let the designers on our end decide what is more preferable because "clear and concise" understanding HAS to be more important than "looks".

Ingrid Carreres

I agree, this limitation is frustrating. I am personally challenged since our English courses are translated into French, and there is never enough characters. Typically the french translation is it is causing me to rewrite and it changes the purpose of the exercise. Any chance to increase the limit to 300 or more? Thanks

Christine Padberg

The character limit renders this feature entirely useless to us! If we had the option of more bubbles or text boxes, that would be an easy fix. I don't mind dividing the scenario text into several bubbles or boxes. Further, it would be very helpful if learners had a way to review the full scenario with each question presented. Sometimes it's necessary to revisit the details, but I don't see anyway to go back once the questions begin.

Rebecca Packer

Yes.  I just was working with the free trial.  I LOVE this program.  But it is unusable because the character limit is too small.  I'm using it for medical case scenarios for teaching, and it is impossible to provide all the necessary info.  If you allowed repeat bubbles, I could just have the person/patient say more bubbles in a row.  But as is, I cannot buy this.  Even the comment/explanation bubbles are too short. It's a much better program than the competitor, but it just won't work.