Cheat Sheet for Rise 360 Interactions

Jul 09, 2020

Hey there friends, 

Does anyone have a sheet or job aid that lists or displays the different types of Lessons/Blocks and what they can/could be used for? I'm thinking something like one of those laminated "Chemistry for Dummies" type forms that shows them all at a glance?

My Team and I are new into the E-Learning space and a quick reference will be helpful to get us to start thinking about what types of interactions are the best way to teach the information we are teaching.  

I've found this from the Articulate site, and its great. . . its just a lot of scrolling. . . thinking something more like an at-a-glance type thingy.


Hope this makes sense!

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Micah Hardt

@Karin Rex - This is an awesome tool, thank you! This will be really helpful if we are dividing up content and it will help us make sure that the designer gets everything that they need to complete the block/lesson. 

Not quite what i was looking for though. . . I'm thinking something much simpler and (forgive the phrase) "high level" I'm thinking something I post on my cubicle wall to help me think about the interaction type that I might want to use. . .

But Thanks again for sharing this. . . it will be put to great use!