Checklists in Rise 360

Jan 29, 2020

I would like users to be able to

  • Continue to the next block even when all options have not been checked on the checklist. 
  • Save checklist states 
  • Print completed checklists for offline reference

Are any of these possible now, or likely in the future?

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Nicholas Vetter

Just jumping in on this conversation.  Our team is looking at Articulate 360 for purchase.  We work with implementations that take months to complete so the idea of utilizing Rise to create these implementation guides and use them in our LMS would be amazing so the retention of the checklist states would be a game changer.  It's just one vote, but that would be a great toggle to have is the ability to choose whether we want that to retain or not.

Maria Thornton

Hi, would really like this feature as well please.  I want to use checklists in an induction where people complete items over a number of weeks and will go in and out of the course.  It's not a good look that their previous ticked off items are no longer there when they go back to it (either within the one course or returning at a later date).  

Mary Rose  Tigulo

I also agree that the checklist function could use more interactivity.  As is, it doesn't do much but just provide visuals.  Unfortunately, even if users do check off the items, it does not stay checked when they exit the module.

I agree with Chantel Hutchins that if some sort of recording mechanism can be interfaced to the LMS it will be more productive. I think it's a great function with lots of potential to be more effective.