"Choice 1" and "Choice 2" placeholders a sort of a pain

screen shot of knowledge check

This is really a suggestion more than a discussion, and maybe others have mentioned it.  But when doing Rise knowledge checks (and I assume quizzes), the multiple choice ones have place holder text for the first two choices that are actually there--that is, they have to be highlighted and deleted or replaced with the correct text.  But if you add a third or more option, that placeholder text is not actually there, i.e., does not have to be highlighted and removed.  It might seem like a small thing, but on a course with dozens of knowledge checks and lots of copy-and-pasting, I was sort of surprised (and a little miffed) by how much time I spent messing with getting rid of those first two place holders.  Since it's possible with additional ones, any way to make those options "not real" so that we can just ctrl+v our correct answers in?



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Lea Agato

Hi there, Micah! Multiple choice and multiple response question types require at least 2 choices, which is why placeholders for 2 choices are provided every time you add either of these question types. This is also why you cannot delete any more choices if you only have two choices left in your quiz or knowledge check question.