Collaborative Rise course not publishing to Review

May 11, 2021

One of my colleagues has shared a Rise course with me so that I am now a collaborator (specifically as a course manager).  I have received the email inviting me to collaborate and I am able to view and edit the course.

The problem occurs every time I need to publish the course to Review for the Subject Matter Export to check the latest version.  Each time a new version of the course is published to Review a new copy is created on the original authors Review account. The course does not appear in the list for Publish a new version of an existing item

I do receive the automated email stating that the course has been successfully published to Review 360 and I can use the 'View in Review 360' link.

How can I get the course to show in my Review rather than my colleague (the original author of the course) and how can I publish to an Existing item rather than creating a new item each time?


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Liam, thanks for reaching out! That's expected behavior when collaborating even as a Course Manager. You'll need to be a course owner to publish a new version of an existing item. 

You can make your edits, and the original course owner can publish it to an Existing item. Hope that clarifies things for you!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Santiago! Thanks for reaching out! No, there isn't a way to download an editable source file. Rise 360 is a web-based authoring tool, and all content is stored on our servers. 

That being said, you're free to export the content and host it elsewhere when you're done editing the content. We don't officially support editing of the published content nor can you reupload or reverse an export back into Rise 360. Hope that clarifies that for you!

Lea Agato

Hi Krishna,

Thanks for letting us know that you need the option to export Rise in any format. Since Rise is a web-authoring tool, all of the editable content stays online.  You have options to export your course, but it isn’t possible to import them back into Rise for further editing. Unfortunately, we don't have this in our roadmap right now. If anything changes we'll definitely circle back!