Compress gif size when exporting to SCORM from Rise 360

May 18, 2023

Hi all,

How we can reduce or compress the size of our GIF when we loading into SCORM from Rise 360?
We are loading Xero courses at 29KB and 24KB of that is GIF files. Please see the screenshot for examples of file sizes.

Thanks for any information!
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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Adam! I understand that you want to compress the size of your .gif files when publishing to SCORM from Rise 360.

There isn't a way to reduce or compress .gif  sizes when publishing to SCORM from Rise 360. The SCORM file output would depend on the original .gif sizes that you used.

I would like to know why yo uneed to compress your .gif file sizes upon publishing. Are you experiencing slowness when your course loads? 

You mentioned posting a screenshot, but I don't see it here. Please try to post it again.

Gren Foronda

Thanks for your response, Adam!

Are these animated or static GIF files? Currently, Rise exported output does not compress animated GIF files. We'll keep you posted on any changes in this behavior.

We recommend optimizing your GIF files and saving them with smaller file sizes before importing them into Rise to export the course with a smaller file size.

Let us know if you have further questions or clarifications; we're here to help!