Content Library: how is it indexed?

Aug 16, 2022

I find the Rise Image Content Library search function to be disappointing. So, I often search on Unsplash's own website to find candidates and pick an image, then go back to the Content Library to find the one I picked and insert it without having to do an intermediate download. However, I see almost no crossover between the searchable information recorded against an image in the Content Library versus Unsplash (e.g. using a chosen image's title/creator/description from Unsplash to search the Content Library yields nothing, but I might find it five pages down the results when I do a subject search). So, what metadata does the Content Library search on, if not that which comes with the image from Unsplash? 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Fionnuala,

Our content library is made up of several asset libraries that are curated and maintained by the third-party providers Noun ProjectPixabay, and Unsplash. Those third-party image content providers use their own tags for image searching. 

If you're having trouble searching for a particular image you found in Unsplash, can you share that image with us? Perhaps we can make suggestions on keywords that will return better results! 

Fionnuala Cousins

Ok, so as an example (which is no longer current for me), this photo in Unsplash has the title "man wearing yellow hard hat holding angle grinder" (and also has the text "visited one of the industry in Lahore & witnessed the hard working of employees"). When I paste the title into the Content Library search, the results are multiple pages of yellow things, followed by multiple pages of men. It gives the impression that no tags come across to the Content Library and instead, the search is based on AI.

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Fionnuala! Thanks for sharing the link to the photo. I could not find any search results using the title and the text below the photo. When I used the word "welder" that photo turned up as one of the results.

Thanks for letting us know about this. We'll make some suggestions on keywords that will return more precise results.