Continue bar disappears

Dec 16, 2022


I have created a course and exported it as web. I've uploaded it onto the website I can move forward in the course, but when I move back to an earlier page using the left-hand menu the continue bar disappears, and I can't move forwards 

Please help

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Hannah! It sounds like the continue button is how you navigate from one lesson to the next. You may also have your previous/next buttons disabled. Is that correct?

Continue buttons do disappear once clicked to allow for free navigation of the lesson. This behavior doesn't change when they're added as the last block in a lesson. A couple of ideas:

  • Enable the previous/next buttons in your Navigation settings. If you have a continue button as the last block, the next button won't show the first time through. If you revisit a lesson, you'll see the next button allowing you to progress.
  • Advise learners that they can use the menu on the left to navigate between lessons. 

Let me know how that works for you!