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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Daniel.  Once a learner has clicked on the Continue button, it will disappear and reveal the next block(s).  Once a blocks lesson has been completed, learners can revisit it and navigate it freely.

Tell me a little more about your course setup and what you'd like to happen.  Do you need to restrict the flow of content if a learner revisits a blocks lesson?

Daniel Bolia

Hi Crystal,

Because the navigation options are limited to the sidebar, the top/bottom bar (with lesson name), or the interactive button; I was using the Continue divider as an alternate way to navigate through the course. However, I think that it may be confusing for the learner if a button, in this case the continue divider, is not visible when they scroll back up in the course. Also, because there is no option to direct the user to other locations using the Continue divider, I've determined that it does not make for a good navigation option.

Regarding the interactive button and buttons stack, is there anyway to center the button on the page when the Label and Description fields are not used? I'm almost sure that your response will be to submit a feature request.

Lastly, should the Continue divider automatically take the user to the next lesson when the button is clicked? If this is the case, what would cause this function to not work? In my current course, clicking on the Continue button does not advance to the next lesson, regardless of the Completion Type setting (None/Complete Block Directly Above/Complete All Blocks Above?

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dan, 

The continue button was originally designed to progressively reveal content and make sure learners complete interactions before moving on. So I could see how that may confuse learners if they saw it was the way to continue navigating. 

There is not currently a way to add a button or button stack that is centered, but I'll pass your idea along to our team to save you the step of submitting a feature request. 😉

The Continue button will advance to whatever is next in order, whether that is the next lesson or an additional part of the existing lesson. Check that the Continue divider is the last piece in that lesson and that should be directing learners to the next lesson.

If you need any other help, let me know! 

Daniel Bolia

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your response.

Regarding your comment about the Divider/Continue button advancing to whatever is next in order; I've learned that this is only true if the navigation setting for the Previous & Next Buttons are set to the ON state.

When the Previous & Next Buttons are set to the OFF state, the continue button will advance to the next content within the same lesson only, it will NOT advance to the next lesson.

Apparently setting the Navigation Mode to Restricted, Sidebar to No Sidebar, and the Previous & Next Buttons to Off, all at the same time, have the potential to cripple the course. When these settings are as I stated, the only way to advance to the next lesson is to use the Interactive/Button option and direct the user to a specific slide. However, the user will not be able to see any previous content.

Let me know if I missed anything regarding the Divider/Continue button option.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dan,

Yes, the continue button/block will need the Prev/Next navigation enabled to advance learners to the next lesson. 

If you disable or remove all the navigation elements, then your learners would have no way to advance through the course unless you set up something using a button block. Although you can disable all those things at once, it's probably best to look at how you'd like your learners to navigate and then choose the settings that work best for that design!