Continue bug in Rise

Jan 24, 2023


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but hope so :)

We are hitting a bug when trying to prevent progress in our training module without completion of prior modules & quizzes.

This is contrary to the behaviour shown in the videos here:

What we expect is that the section links in the left-hand menu will be locked out with a different cursor and warning message, like shown in the videos above.

Instead what we are seeing is that the "Continue" block may be locked, but the section links are still available and so users are just able to skip.

I have attached a screenshot showing an example. Since this public forum appears to be the only way to seek support I have had to partially redact it.

Many thanks for any insight.


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CPSP Empower

Thank you for un-reporting this.

I'll add the resolution which I received to this thread, in case somebody discovers it in future (or for future me).

The "Continue Block"s prevent progression only within that section.

For global progress control, go into Themes (yes... :)) => Navigation.

Details here: