Creating a Quiz in Storyline to Place in Rise 360

Jul 14, 2022

I have created a quiz in Quizmaster, imported it into Storyline, and placed it into Rise 360 using an Interactive block. In Rise 360 I have the 'Continue' line set up to complete all blocks before moving on to the next lesson. I have the Quiz set up to ensure a passing grade. I have unlimited retries selected on the quiz. No matter how someone does on the quiz - once they complete the quiz - the 'Continue' button becomes active for them to move on - even if they did not pass the quiz. Is there a way to not allow them to continue if they do not pass the quiz? (I must be missing something in the set-up.) Thanks!

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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hey Chris! Great question and definitely one that I know others have. I think what you're looking for is outlined in this article, right above Step 2 where it says "Tip: Use a Completion Trigger to Require Learners to Pass a Quiz." What you'll want to do is add a course completion trigger to the success layer on the result slide of your Storyline quiz. Let us know if that works!