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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bridget! Since only one quiz can be used for tracking in Rise 360, I suggest starting the course with the quiz. If the learner doesn't pass, they can be directed to view the remainder of the content. Then, add a button at the end of the last lesson that will bring them back to the quiz at the beginning of the course to retake it.

Check out this example for inspiration: Using a Pre-Test to Guide Learning

Cathy Bedsole

Is there a way to keep them from trying the quiz over and over if at the beginning?  Since you have to come back to it, you can't set it for no retries.  I tried changing the label from "TAKE AGAIN" TO "PASS-EXIT FAIL-CONTINUE" But it is too confusing and they click continue there and it goes back to the beginning of the test.  Just want a way to give them one try at the beginning, then they must continue to the course, then be able to take the quiz again.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cathy,

You would need to give the learner multiple retries since they have to come back to the quiz at the end of the course. However, I can understand why you would need the option to limit the retries for the first pass! Ultimately it sounds like you need a pre-test feature, so I'll be sure our team sees your request.