Creating a Test Out at the beginning of Rise Course

Apr 22, 2021

Is there a way to offer a quiz at the beginning of the Rise Course that if the employee scores a certain percentage, the course is considered passed/completed?  If the employee does not pass, the course must be completed in its entirety and the quiz is at the end for the employee to retake.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bridget! Since only one quiz can be used for tracking in Rise 360, I suggest starting the course with the quiz. If the learner doesn't pass, they can be directed to view the remainder of the content. Then, add a button at the end of the last lesson that will bring them back to the quiz at the beginning of the course to retake it.

Check out this example for inspiration: Using a Pre-Test to Guide Learning

Cathy Bedsole

Is there a way to keep them from trying the quiz over and over if at the beginning?  Since you have to come back to it, you can't set it for no retries.  I tried changing the label from "TAKE AGAIN" TO "PASS-EXIT FAIL-CONTINUE" But it is too confusing and they click continue there and it goes back to the beginning of the test.  Just want a way to give them one try at the beginning, then they must continue to the course, then be able to take the quiz again.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cathy,

You would need to give the learner multiple retries since they have to come back to the quiz at the end of the course. However, I can understand why you would need the option to limit the retries for the first pass! Ultimately it sounds like you need a pre-test feature, so I'll be sure our team sees your request.

Michelle Levesque

Thanks Lea, 

Curious how long / how many feature requests need to be received before the feature enhancements are actioned? 

This issue (and many of the ones my team and I have requested as feature enhancements) could be easily remedied if Articulate would create an online version of Storyline (or a Mac iOS version). Unfortunately, the Windows > Parallels > M1 Macbook is not an option / doesn't work and this may lead us to finding another tool altogether which is a bummer since we've invested time and resources into learning the Articulate suite. 

Appreciate the follow-up. :)

Lauren Connelly

Thank you for the feedback, Michelle and Gabriela!

The timing of a feature from development to release depends on the feature roadmap. Some features take priority, and others can be quicker to spruce up! Unfortunately, I don't have a specific timeline to share publicly. 

I've added your comments to our feature request to reflect how many people are interested in this feature. If this makes it on our roadmap, I'll share it in this discussion.

Rise 0

If this is the way the roadmap is mostly created, then i would suggest to take a look at " microsoft voting for features system" or something similar.

That way, when you present the feature suggestions to the forum users, we can add a vote with dedicated button.. facilitate sorting etc..

We would also be able to easily follow the progress/status of the features development.

See example screenshot.

Oliver Deakin

I'd like to add my vote for this pre test feature. It's something that a lot of our COOs are requesting. Would be great if the pre test could allow a shorter diagnostic test at the beginning to assess knowledge. If passed, course can be marked as completed by our LMS. If diagnostic is failed, learners take the full module and have to complete a much larger assessment at the end. 

Katie Nickischer

I'm working on some regulatory and compliance courses, and I need the result of the pre-test to enforce the next step. Pass the quiz = course complete. Fail the quiz = take the full course and retake the quiz at the end. As it stands, it looks lovely, but it doesn't enforce anything. Are there any updates on this feature since the last update a few months ago?

Jerry Engstrom

Count me in as needing this as well. Features such as these shouldn't be put on a roadmap years after it is available in other tools. A company as established as Articulate should surely have a small team dedicated to horizon scanning of what is trending in the space and compressing seat time has been a big deal for quite some time now.

Judy Nollet

This post describes how to create a Rise course with a pretest: 

TIP: Build a Rise Course with a Pretest - Rise 360 Discussions - E-Learning Heroes (


  • The course can't use the built-in navigation menu.
  • The program can't tell the LMS if the user passed the pretest or if they went through the content. And it can't tell the LMS the user's score. But it can tell the LMS that the user "completed" the course.

And, yes, it would be better if Articulate added the option to include a pretest that would unlock all the other content if the user passed the pretest, and require the rest of the content (possibly including a Quiz) if they failed the pretest.

Noel Estabrook

Just reached out to support today and it's still not even on the roadmap. After several instances like this, I'm convinced that Articulate really pays little attention to the needs of the community and/or simply doesn't have enough development resources to keep up with a quickly changing landscape. For a basic functionality such as this to take over 2 years to develop (and it's still not on the roadmap) is pretty poor IMO.

Will Findlay

We need this is as well. We have a mixture of Storyline and Rise courses, and for Storyline we have the test-out built into the module. But for Rise, we are looking at having to use 2 modules in a section where the user has to pass one of the two modules, We would rather be able to do it all in the same module.