Customer wishes to edit my Rise 360 course

Jul 21, 2021

My intended model for selling / licensing courses I develop in Rise 360 is to develop the course and then provide each customer an export of the completed course's files (SCORM, etc.).  Sometimes customers engage me both to develop and then maintain (i.e., update / refresh) the course on a periodic basis.  I have a potential customer who prefers to take my exported course files and update/refresh the course in-house (without my help). They are an Articulate 360 user.

Will the customer be able to do this? And if so, what would I need to provide them? 



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Karl Muller

Hi Cathy,

If both you and your client have Articulate 360 Teams accounts, you could collaborate on the same version of a course.

If you do not have Teams accounts, you could email a copy of a course to your client. You would then both have editable copies of the same course, but they would no longer be in synch.


Cathy Allen of Audit Conduct

Thanks again, Karl.  Would you please indulge me one more question? 

I forwarded course files to a customer that does not have an Articulate subscription so they could upload to their LMS.  They said they could not download the SCORM 1.2 files without entering a user name and password.  How should I provide these files to such a customer? 

Thanks again- you've been incredibly helpful!