Delaying/Scheduling the release of lessons

Hi all,

I would like to create some rise courses. I will have say 2 semesters a year and a couple of cohorts of students in each course. I'd like one lesson to be released weekly, so as to not overwhelm students. I'm considering also having the lesson 'close' or disappear after one week, to make students complete it during the one week that it is available. This opening and closing of lessons would have to happen of course in each semester and for every cohort of students.

Is it possible to schedule the opening and closing of individual lessons and if so can it be done automatically?

Thanks in advance

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Karl Muller

Hi Phoebe,

Implementing online training in an organization typically requires two different applications:

  •  Course development application
  • Course delivery and student management application

Rise is a course development application. As such, it  has very limited functionality related to the delivery of courses, and does not have any functions for managing students or groups.

So essentially Rise cannot do any of the things you were asking about. 

The functionality you are referring to is typically handled by a course delivery and student management application. These applications are called a Learning Management System (LMS).

There are literally hundreds of different Learning Management Systems in the market. The features and functions of LMS's differ GREATLY. 

The LMS used in our organization allows for the creation of classes/cohorts, and assigning courses to those classes. It is possible in our system to have a course availability start and end date. 

Once again, the features and functions of LMS's differ substantially, so you need to shop around specifically for what you need.