Dividing lines between accordion items don't appear

My client is having problems with accordion interactions when they view the site in IE 11. The dividing lines between some items in an accordion interaction aren't showing up. Notice the dividing line between Heading 1 and Heading 2 doesn't appear - either when it's collapsed or expanded.Accordion collapsed

Accordion expanded

Everything looks fine to me when I view the site in Chrome and Safari.

Any ideas what's going on here? Thanks for any insights...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Greg,

Is your client authoring in IE11 or just viewing your Share link or exported version? Authoring isn't supported in IE11 - but it is supported in Chrome and Safari so that could explain the difference. 

I did a quick test in IE11 and viewing a Share link there - the dividing lines appeared for me - so if you're able to include a Share link here for us, I can test it out!  

Greg Kozdrowski

Hi Ashley,

I built the site in Chrome and the client is viewing it in IE11. I exported the site and posted it to my personal website and the client still experiences the same problem. I'm happy to share the site with you but, since it contains proprietary info, can I send it to you privately?