Editor Notes in Rise

Oct 21, 2019

Not sure if this is on the development roadmap or not but it would be very helpful to have someplace for editor notes in Rise 360.  Especially for reassigning or collaborating with other editors.

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Amanda Allen

Hi Alyssa,

Yes, that is the idea.  I know that it can be done in Review but it really would be helpful to have just some kind of "sticky" option when people are collaborating or new people are assigned to a Rise project.  Review is not the best option for that ability.  But a merger of Review into Rise would be.

Thanks for the consideration.  Much appreciated.

Jillian Ward

Hello! Just following up on this as this feature was requested two years ago.. any hope that it will be implemented soon? As someone on a team of collaborators who all have a hand in authoring the same training, being able to add notes/comments section-by-section is really crucial. And we can already do this using a basic tool such as Google Slides, for example...