Embedding an Adobe PDF into a Rise embed block

Oct 07, 2021

Hi everyone, 

may I ask how I can embed an adobe PDF form into Rise, I have successfully done this with Microsoft forms, and Google forms, but not with a PDF. 

The statement I have used with the latter 2 options was: <iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>, but that doesn't seem to work or I have the wrong URL to fit inside this statement. 

The other thing is the new browsers (Edge and Chrome) do not seem to be able to support iframes all the time (have to refresh to display in course sometimes), as well as having issues around security with iframes, not sure what to do here.

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kris! I don't have personal experience with Adobe DocumentCloud, but do you see a place where you can copy an embed code for that document? I found this Adobe blog article that may provide a clue:


Kris Taylor

I've had a look at the document, but doesn't seem to have what I need, any other thoughts on this?

Also it seems that when using iFrames on newer browsers, they are not fully supported, where users sometimes have to refresh to see a form, are Articulate looking into potentially other embed options at all?