Expand/Collapse Sections in Rise

Aug 16, 2017

Hi everyone, is there a way I can expand and collapse the content of a section in Rise?

I have 15 sections with 5 lessons in each so my course has approximately 75 line items in the course preview screen. 

If there is a way to collapse the sections I could reduce that greatly and make for a better user experience. 

Thanks in advance!

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Cass Netzley
Kimberly Walker

This is great news!

Is there a setting I am missing that allows you to display the sections as collapsed instead of opened?

Thank you. 

Unfortunately not-- see my post above in this thread and the reply from Ashley @ Articulate. As a result, I put a request into Articulate for this feature on 6/11. Feature Request Number: 01406935

Astha Parmar

I would agree - the ability to manually collapse is good, but doesn't help with courses that have multiple sections and subsections.

Ultimately we need to help the user get a quick mental map of the course and keep them situated. The lengthy list, or having to manually collapse each one doesn't help with this.

1. It would be great if the menu functioned like an accordion: all sections collapsed, other than the current one.

2. Ability to set collapsed/expanded on start would be awesome too...but I would settle for the first request :)



Sandra Whitford

From what it appears that solution is looking at collapsing the sections on the learner side whereas I would really like to see the same applied to on the developer side.  Also I'd like to be able to group and move whole sections.  There might be a way to do both of these on the development side but I have not found it (operator error??). 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sandra,

You are correct. We do have an open feature request related to setting the course to start with all sections collapsed. Does that sound similar to what you would like to see as well?

If not, you are welcome to share your idea and use-case directly with our team here.

As far as grouping and moving sections, you can certainly move items within your course, but not by grouping or multi-selecting. That would be an excellent idea for you to share as well.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Carlos,

There's not currently a way to start with the sections collapsed, but our team has a feature request logged for this capability and I'll make sure your voice gets added to the discussion.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Gemma Hobson

Is there a way that the sections can automatically be minimised when they start the course? or that only the first section shows for example? I feel that although they can go do it manually - it would be better that they just initially see the section they are working on so its a little less overwhelming especially if there is a lot of content?? 


EDIT* Just read this has been requested above!.... Any update on this??

Marcia Owen

Hi Team

This request has been ongoing for OVER three years in this and other threads. The threads in themselves are indicative of how important this feature request is for many users and their learners. The fact that it is NOT on your roadmap is concerning!!!

My question is WHY is this not on your roadmap?

You only need  to trawl through the threads and requests to see this is not a 'nice to have feature' but a necessity for our learners to simplify their user experience.

In addition - I have just reviewed the features on your roadmap. My concern is that you are adding more bells and whistles but not attending to  foundational navigation features to enhance and support the user experience to move through a course.