Extracting Text From Rise 360

Mar 16, 2023


we've been working on RISE 360 projects where the customer no longer has the original script and we need to record voiceover. 

We've gone through a number of tests to try to extract the text to see what might be the best and most efficient way. 

In the end we've stuck with copy and paste! Does anyone have any ideas. We've posted about the ways we've used to extract text from Rise 360

We did use XLIFF files and translation software but copy and paste came out the winner. 

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Thor Melicher

Not sure if this would be faster than your copy/paste approach, but I have another method that will take a Rise 360 course and convert the XLIFF file to Excel without the XML components that you would expect to find when opening the XLIFF directly in Excel.

If you're interested, please reach out to me with a private message or connect with me on LinkedIn.


Simon Smith

You can just decode the course contents. It's encoded as Base64.

1.) Unzip the course.

2.) Open index.html in any editor.

3.) Search for window.courseData =

4.) You'll find a set of quote marks with a bunch of gibberish in between them. Copy everything within the quote marks.

5.) Go to https://www.base64decode.org/ and decode the gibberish.

6.) Go to https://unminify.com/ and unminify the decoded content. This will make it easier to read.

7.) Now you've got all of the text from inside your course, so you can grab the bits you need for the voice over. You can even make changes to it, then re-encode it as base64, put it back in to index.html and rezip your course.