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Hi There

I'm new to using rise. Is it possible to use the fill in the blank knowledge check question as more of a reflection activity for the learner where there is no right or wrong answer? Is there a way to change the settings so that the learner cannot get it wrong as it's their own reflection? Or is there another tool I could use for this purpose?





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Christine Hounsham

Hi Jess, I just logged-on the search for this exact same query. 

Let's hope someone has a suggestion - I'm thinking possibly removing this incorrect/correct word/symbol using the navigator panel, or as a fall back mirroring the look and feel of the Fill in the Blank template in a SL slide and embedding it that way.  

Will let you know if I find anything. 

Cheers Christine

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jess and Christine,

You'll find a similar question from Kelsi here, and my colleague Crystal shared some great ideas on how to create a similar interaction to provide opportunities for reflection without establishing a right or a wrong approach.

I know a few other folks have asked for a survey style question, where learners could enter in a bit of free-form text that isn't graded. If that's also something you'd like to see I can add this discussion to that request we're tracking! 

Jessica Skinns

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply. I'll have a look at the ideas from your colleague. 

A survey style question is definitely something I'd like to see. Particularly if the free-form text is saved somehow, not for grading but so the learner can come back and reflect on their answer / edit and add to it.

Is there a way of being notified if this survey style question becomes available?



Christine Hounsham

Hi Jess and Ashley, 

Sorry it's taken me a few days to come back on this one. 

I was able to delete the X/Words with the Inspector but couldn't get it to save this.  After going down the rabbit hole of trying to work out Chrome DevTool Preferences, I decided to try option 2 - of building and embedding a look-alike question using SL.  

Good news it worked a treat.  I have just finished building and inserting it into my Rise course and it looks really seemless. 

Jess - I have attached the SL file below for you.  Feel free to amend and use as you wish. 

Ashley - I am happy to share this with the broader community beyond just this post.  Can you please share as you see fit. 

FYI a bit of information about this.  My quiz is a self-reflection style short Q&A, but it also does have some very simple branched responses depending if they include a keyword/approved response.  To activate the Submit button you need to type any letter key.  

Hope you like it.  Cheers Christine

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andrew!

The fill-in-the-blank question type is great for questions that have a single-word or a short phrase correct answer. 

If you're looking for an open-ended, free-text question type, I suggest embedding a survey from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) using a Multimedia Embed block. 

Use this iFrame code format for easy embedding!
<iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>