flash cards resizing

Jul 20, 2021


I really love the flashcard block. The only probleme is that they look really ovesized in the course when there's only 1 or 2 of them (image 1). Is it possible to make them the same size as when there're 3 (image 2)?


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Thibault Jeuland

I found the answer I was looking for... After publishing, you can add some css style to the index.html file

  1. Unzip the exported course and in the "scormcontent" folder, open "index.html" in a code editing software (it works fine with notepad)
  2. In the top region, you'll find a <style> tag. 
  3. Add the following code after the <style> tag and before the </style> tag.
    @media (max-width: 150em) {
    .block-flashcard--medium {
    max-width: 350px;
    max-height: 350px;
  4. Save the index.html file.
  5. Rezip the files