Font size and formatting of pseudoelement quotes

Nov 15, 2021


When using the Quotes block with Variants A/C/D it adds Quotes with the before/after pseudo elements.

That is nice and all but then format changes applied to the quote itself like color or font size will not be adopted by the pseudo elements with makes things certainly look weird.

Which means only Variant B is usable if you wanna change the format since it doesn't add the pseudoelements.

So either the other quotes should inherit the formatting for their pseudos or they should simply not add them at all.

Unless I am missing a way where you can do that??

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Torsten,

Thanks so much for including that screenshot! You're right -- there isn't a way to format the quotation marks in that block type. 

Quote B and Quote D blocks are a bit more flexible -- you can type the quote itself into the author's name field, then format all of the text. 

Here's what that would look like when previewing the course:

Torsten Mannser

alrighty, that certainly helps in the short term.

But in the long term that seems to be kinda hacky.
Wouldn't it in the future be better to just remove the CSS-added quotes. I mean it just restricts your ability to use things fully. And if you would want quotes you can just write them in the text.

Or alternatively you can apply the main text style to the parent "p" tag and not the "span" tag since the pseudos will inherit styles from there since it is the root of your "p:first-child:before" selector that creates the quotes. At least that is how it seems.

Fyi the same seems to apply to the dash infront of the author with C.